Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rain is such an inspiration!

As much as I usually don't like when it rains all day, today I'm perfectly fine with the idea.

Over the weekend I limed and fertilized our lawn (what we hope to eventually be a lawn) and have been patiently waiting for the rain to water it in. Well, today I got my wish. 'April showers bring May flowers' - right? Too bad I only have one flower garden planted!

The rain is most welcomed for other reasons today too. It's giving me a chance to sit down and figure out my vegetable garden situation for this year, what to plant, how many garden boxes I'm going to need the Hubs to make (hint, hint honey - get on that!), and some time to wander around the house coming up with decorating ideas.

We have been back and forth on color ideas for the kitchen since we started the project. Darker or lighter, barely there colors or bright? I just cant make up my mind. I keep going back to the light and airy seaside and rainy day colors though. The kitchen only gets morning sun which makes it a little more dreary in the afternoon so we wanted to brighten it up a bit. We chose to do the cabinets in a shade of white, and the back splash is on its way to being subway tiled - white as well. The counter is tones of deep browns and a hint of black which grounds all the white. But, for the walls???? I'm so indecisive.

Then this morning, with the rain and grey clouds I noticed how beautiful my basil plant looked. There's just something about the way a nice green plant pops out against all the white, and our cherry and black dining room table looks great with the contrast of those subtle colors. Those are my two inspirations. My little basil plant sitting on the windowsill with the rainy grey and white sky as its backdrop is gorgeous to me. If I could bottle those colors my entire house would wear them! So, I guess I know where I'm leaning color-wise - light and airy. Funny how writing it down makes decisions a little easier to make. Maybe its time to bite the bullet and choose a color. Easier said than done - now do I go with greys, blues, taupes or greens? Can someone do this part for me? I dwell too much on it - and each day the decision gets harder.

Thats it - I think I'm going to set a goal for next week to get the kitchen painted.  After all it is April Vacation next week. And I plan on keeping my wonderful Hubby as busy as I can!  I think many trips to Gourmet Donuts for Snickers ice coffee will be in order - gotta keep him happy somehow!

Ok, my goal has been set, now lets see if we can get it done.

Wish me luck....

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