Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nap Time Bliss, and Guilty Feelings

Nap time.
Beautiful, quiet, serene, nap time.
Oh, how I love you!

And how I feel SO guilty saying that!

Seriously?! I L O V E spending my days with my precious Punkin, so why do I start the nap time count down mid-morning? Some days 1pm "nuh-night time" can't come soon enough, and her 3pm wake up comes too fast.

This has been heavy on my mind the past week or so, I know it's nothing big in the grand scheme of things, but it bothers me. In a way it makes me sad, I chose to be a SAHM mom for several reasons, and one of those reasons shouldn't be that 2 hour window during the day when the house is silent and I can get some cleaning/bill paying/house projects done. Yet, here I am, once again, thrilled that its nap time. Until of course I look over at the giant stack of bills waiting to be paid. Guess I should get to work...

Anyone else feel guilty about longing for nap time??

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