Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hi. My name is Katie....

...I'm a hoarder.

My addiction started out innocently.
It was such a good deal.
I had to have them.

Now, I just can't let go and do without large amounts.
If I see them, especially on sale, I have to have them.
Half the time I don't even realize what I'm doing purchasing them until I get home.

Then I open my storage closet, and it hits me.
"What have I done???"



Then I remember that they WILL get used. Someday.
And then I go buy some more.

You see, my addiction is to paper towels.
I hoard paper towels.
Not just any old paper towel, but Bounty.
The absorbency, the thickness, the way they scrub through a tough mess.
Not to mention the Select-A-Size rolls....

You're saying it can't be that bad,
most people have an extra one or two rolls just in case.
Some people even go as far as buying the 12 roll packs to cut costs.
Well, here it is what I have right now in my storage closet....
37 Rolls. 

Yes. You read that right.
37 Rolls.
And another 6 in the playroom closet. 
43 rolls of paper towels. Correction, 43 rolls of Bounty paper towels in my house.

The good news? At least I didn't pay full price for any of them. 
At least thats what I tell myself to help me sleep at night. 

Do any of you have a weird, quirky, little addiction??


Gina said...

haha that's ok at least you know you will never run out!! I have a stash of a lot of GM stuff... but I figure at free or almost free, how do you leave it on the shelf?! We have enough toothpaste to last at least a year... but when you get them at 25cents each... why leave them?! (But no, I do not buy a billion of them at once and clear the shelves like the people on extreme couponing- though I wish I could be that good at it (without clearing the shelves))


Katie said...

I feel the same way Gina! Toothpaste and body wash are my two other addictions - not as major as the paper towels, but getting there!

Billie's Scrappetique said...

Hi, Katie! Thanks for visiting! I've been perusing your site, off and on, while dealing with evening mayhem in my household. LOL

I also have a weakness for a good deal. I haven't bought laundry detergent in probably 5 or 6 years, dishwasher detergent in probably 3 or 4 years, etc. And..........I bought about 15 bottles of shower gel at ULTA when they were doing a clearance sale at $1.99 each. Love that stuff.

If you're weird, then I guess I am too! ;o)

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