Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, Howdy Do!

Just shouting out a little THANK YOU 
to all my followers {old and new}.

Never in a million years did I think I would hit the 40+ mark on this little blog.
I'm speechless {OK, not really. That's a hard thing for me to be.}.
Seriously though,
You guys ROCK. MY. WORLD!

Thanks so much for listening to my pointless little rants,
amusing me with your comments,
and possibly trying one of my recipes/projects.

I figured this would be a great time to share a little about me...
Especially since most of you are new to the blog.

So, my name is Katie. 
But, we already know that.

I also frequently go by:
 Mama, Red, Honey, Kate, Skidz {not what you think, I swear!}, the list goes on...

I'm a part-time SAHM to a wonderful 28 month old little redhead.

My husband thinks I'm something super extra special {awww thanks honey!},

But in reality, I'm not.
I'm just your average, everyday Joe {errr...Mom}....

Dust buster
Errand runner
Pooper scooper
Crafter wanna be
Cheerio hunter
Personal Shopper
Bill payer
Mess maker {even Momma's make messes too you know!}
Hugging post
Boo Boo Kisser
Deal detective
Optimist {75% of the time}
Horseback riding instructor
Motivational speaker {just ask the hubs!}
Backyard farmer
Chicken wrangler
Exclamation point junky!!!!
Lover of food
Hater of crumbs
Do it yourselfer
Comment lover {seriously, I jump for joy over them!} never realize how many hats you wear 'til you write it all down...
so I'll spare you the rest of the things I do in my free time ;)


Long story short...

I hope you enjoy your stay in my crazy little world!

**stay tuned for a back to school giveaway taking place at the end of the week!


Natalie said...

so much fun, Katie! I love that you call yourself a hugging post! Jumping over from Miss Mommy's and the sweet post you left on my FB page! Definite new follower!

Katie said...

Thanks for following - Im totally feeling the love tonight, this is great! And yup, DEFINITELY a hugging post - Im the rock steady one in this house that everyone clings to :) Melts my heart!

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

Congrats on hitting the over 40 club :)

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

So glad I found you! Way cute blog! Looking forward to following your adventures :)

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