Friday, September 9, 2011

Glowing Ghost

This week was the kick-off to my Halloween decorating.
Funny how a few cool days and pumpkin spice coffee can get you in the mood!

My first order of business - something to cast an eerie glow in the front windows.

Ooooooo Scary!

I love the light it gives off in the house at night too.
Kind of a Halloween-y sort of way.

Here's how I made my gauzey glowing ghosts:

You'll need a small string of white lights 
cheese cloth (I used 2 yards)
mason jar
a glass wide enough to sit on top of the jar
tape and glue
felt or paper for eyes and mouth

I realize the pictures are dark. I was going for some "ghoulish" lighting.
Ok, maybe not. But, I had ya fooled didn't I?

Fill your mason jar with the lights, 
be sure to leave the plug end hanging out.
Sit the glass upside down on top of the jar (lip of jar to lip of glass)

I placed a few pieces of tape around the glass to hold it onto the jar,
just in case your family is clutzy like mine.
Unfold the cheese cloth.
Fold it back together again, but in a messy way,
you want your edges to be jagged, not straight,
like the bottom of a ghost.
Place the cheese cloth over the top of the glass.
Tie a thread around the "neck" of the ghost to give it a head.
Cut out shapes for the eyes and the mouth and stick them on with a dab of glue.
Plug the little guy in!



Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

This is totally cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

Coley said...

What acute idea! Love it :)

Debs Dealz said...

Hi, Debs Dealz following you from the Lots of Lovin Weekend Hop. Love your site! Please visit me back, and like me on FB while you are there!

If you are interested in exchanging buttons, please let me know!


Lacey N. said...

I feel a little odd leaving a comment on this post, since it's not related, but...I am passing a couple blog awards I received on to you. You're one of my daily stops, so I am passing on the blog love. :)
To redeem the awards stop by my blog, and read the post titled "Awarded."


E @ Act Fast Chef said...

I love this!! So cute. I am bookmarking this so I remember to make it when I start decorating (it still feels like summer in CT!)

Katie said...

Elizabeth - Im in MA! I had no idea we were that close :)

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