Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deep Breath In...

After finishing up the Punkins Halloween Costume this morning my day went down hill.
I became totally FRAZZLED to say the least.

All dressed and ready for her Halloween Party, too bad she had a coat on!

For some reason all day today I felt like I had to rush through everything.
I felt like I didnt have time to even take a breath, let alone pee!
I had butterflies in my stomach like I was forgetting something.
My mind was frazzled beyond belief.
I felt like a crazy lady.

The funny thing? 
Today was my day off! 

Sure I had to cart Maddy around to school and run some errands;
finish up some cooking I had started yesterday and clean the house a bit.
But nothing that should have put me in a foul mood. 
Yet there it was plain as day - PISSY 'OLE ME!

Little things set me off. ALL DAY LONG.
Things that should have made me just sigh, or even laugh!

I dropped a cast iron pan in the sink this morning.
I spilled some of the chicken stock I was simmering.
Punkin' Head kept laughing at me when I asked her to do something.

I Can't Hear You!!!!!

I ran out of yellow ribbon for Maddy's costume.
I drove past the bank instead of stopping there.
I got home to find that one of the horses had undressed himself and was stuck.
{Ok, this kind of made me chuckle.}

He's special. Notice how he got it over his head then stepped on it?
I forgot to pick up bread while I was out.
One of the chickens got loose while I was feeding them.
And the hubs asked (nicely!) for a hair cut tonight after dinner.

All of these things made me CRINGE and grit my teeth. 

What made my day go this way? I have not a clue.
My head apparently wasn't screwed on tight or something.
I know - the snow we are getting tomorrow. I'll blame it on that.
For cripes sake its only OCTOBER! Why are we getting snow?!?!

So, tonight I am FINALLY sitting down, taking a deep breath and eating some chocolate.
I think I'll start scouring Etsy, pre-gaming for Christmas gifts too.
That should make a girl relax and feel better.

Wow, in hindsight it really WASN'T a bad day. Just a silly one.
And now I feel a little silly for complaining.
I must be PMS-ing!

Thanks for listening reading while I vent. I feel much better now. 

Oh, and one last thing....
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Those lovely buttons at the top under sponsors? 
Yup, they're super cool and deserve a look-see. 

Here's to a better day tomorrow!

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Amber said...

That was a rough day! Hope tomorrow is better. It drives me crazy when my husband askes me to do something on days like that! Really should they not already know to not add salt to a wound lol.

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