Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Little Hiatus

Well, hello there!

If you hadn't noticed I took a MUCH needed hiatus from the computer for a few days.

Umm...that's a LIE if I ever heard one!

I can't stay off facebook.
So the honest truth? 
I took a vacay from everything on the computer that's NOT facebook related. :)

It was nice. I got a few projects done around the house, 
played in the leaves with the kiddo,

baked some goodies and roasted some butternut squash seeds,

tastiest little seeds ever

I even receieved some goodies in the mail.
Like this BEAUTIOUS, GORGERIFIC (I know its not a word, humor me), and cozy little custom number by Summer at Made By Munchies Mama.

I need a better picture. This doesn't do it justice, someone refused to stand still!

You MUST go to her Etsy Shop NOW! RUN!
Quite the talented little lady.

As much as my fingers were itching to sign in to Blogger this morning
I knew it was going to be overwhleming.
And I was right.
Almost 700 new posts that I needed to catch up on?!

Geesh, can't you guys take a break from posting when I do? 
It'd be MUCH easier to get caught up on my favorite reads. 
It's going to take me all week to read what you guys have been up to!
So next time, lets all schedule this together, mmm k?


Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

I agree. We should plot a plan for a blogger strike and go have fun elsewhere. Hahaha!! =) Even when I am on here all... day... long... I can't catch up with everyone. Those dang giveaways are so much work too. I'm happy for you that you were able to take a break. I too am addicted to facebook and can't stay away. The only way I can stay off the computer is if it's broken, no lie. The time my computer was broken a year ago, I felt so free and got so much done around the house. I beg my husband to lock me off the computer and change the password but he never does. Probably a good thing cause I may hurt him if he did. =)

Munchie's Mama said...

She looks so cute in it!!! I am so glad if fits perfect! I totally took a break from the computer this past weekend and I feel so behind! Now I'm trying to play catch up.

Ashley said...

What a beautiful hat! If only my little one would actually keep things on her head.

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