Monday, October 10, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend in Pictures and a Winner!

Are you all rejuvenated after a long weekend? 
And ready for a winner?
The winner of the And Nothing Else Matters Fabric Flower Brooch is....
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Lisa from Organized Chaos!
Congrats Girl!
Shoot me an email within 48 hours :)

I've been a busy busy bee the past week with work so I haven't been around much. Sorry for that, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And this was the first weekend in A LONG TIME that I was able to spend both days with family, relaxing and having fun. I cannot tell you how much I {we} needed this. I feel so refreshed. 
So in other words....I'm back! :)

And, did I tell you? PHDL is getting makeover! My wonderful hubs is helping me figure out a little HTML language (totally foreign to me!) and Im trying my best. I'm going for down to earth, bright, clean and crisp. By no means is it near complete, I'm just testing the waters for now. But, at some point this week when you come to check out my blog it'll be all new!

Thats it for news, now here's our weekend in pictures:

We kicked off Saturday with a little shopping and then a MARVELOUS wedding. Seriously, the BEST wedding I have been to. Stunningly beautiful from the Bride and Groom all the way to the favors and function hall. What could be more perfect than a beautiful farm, apple orchard, blueberry fields, fall foliage and an old renovated barn for a back drop? And did I mention you could literally smell the apples from the orchard?? Perfection. And the food, ohhhh the food! I have NEVER had wedding food this good. But above all it was the people that were there that made the night. Lots of fun family and friends, what more could you want? Ok, the wine and champagne were pretty darn good too :)

The Hubs and I waiting for the wedding to start
The apples were a great addition to the decor! 
I have a thing for old barns, silos and buildings
Figs wrapped in Gorgonzola and prosciutto. SO GOOD.
Homemade Preserves that the bride and her new Mother in Law made for favors.
LOVE this idea!

The Bride and Groom took pics with this in the background.
Most delicious buffet. All organic EVERYTHING. Salmon, chicken, veggies. So tasty!
Sunset on the apple barn.
The Apple Centerpieces made for great snacks later in the night!
And as a microphone once the night got going :)
Then, Sunday was a "down" day for us. Rest, relaxation and a rejuvenating hike in the State Park. I love days like this. A little picnic, hunting for rocks with the Punkin, and taking in nature. Nothing better than spending the day with the hubs and our little Monkey.  LOVE IT!

Trying to see Daddy from the bridge
I loved the angle of this picture

Watching bubbles and leaves float down the river
Mads figured out how good tea-berry leaves smell and couldn't stop picking them!

I love my family!!


Karen said...

What a wonderful weekend! That looks like the best wedding food ever!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

What a beautiful weekend you had! Lucky!

Lisa @ Organized Chaos said...

I love your pictures!! And YAY!! I won the giveaway!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

What a gorgeous wedding!!! Looks like the bride really put a lot of work into it! Very cool!

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