Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cant sleep? Might as well blog away!

After being up until 4am this morning with a sick 4-legged member of our family (one of the horses), and then running around like a crazy person the first half of the day trying to get all my errands done, I was suppose to come home to lay on the couch and do nothing but relax. Per order of my husband. He was trying to be a helpful soul and take over Dooda Loo for the day since I got MAYBE an hour and a half of sleep last night. Have I mentioned how much I love him????

I tried to take a nap but couldn't. So, blogging is a form of relaxation, right? Apparently the hubs doesnt think so, I keep getting "the glare" from him as I try to scrunch down behind the laptop to avoid the "you're suppose to be napping" looks. 

Anyhoo, I figured I should pop my second post on here since it has been a couple days. 

So, here goes...I have been trying to decide on what to do about a new camera. Point and shoot or DSLR? Weighing the pros and cons and putting myself on guilt trips as to why I should by a cheap camera and skip the more expensive models. I tend to do that with everything I want to buy, talk myself out of it all. But, as luck would have it a friend of the family is selling her Canon XTi. So I picked it up this morning for a trial run to see if I like it. So far, I AM IN LOVE! How could a camera make my heart skip a beat? Well, for starters the Punkin Head needed to burn some energy, so to the Great Escape we went. I was eager to see what this camera could do with an energetic 22 month old as the focal point. As I fumbled around with it trying to figure out the zoom, focus, etc. I quickly learned that even a total DSLR novice like me can take a great picture when provided a great camera that does the work for me. I was so impressed by my photography skills I couldn't put it down and actually PLAY with Maddy. She got over this quickly and found some poor little souls to chase around aimlessly. Seriously though, it amazes me how clear and crisp a picture can actually be! And the colors are right on, even in the darker areas of the climbing structure the camera did a wonderful job without blurring, or darkening the colors too much - something my old point and shoot was known for. The only thing Im not accustomed to - using the view finder. I was an LCD screen junky with my old camera, probably because it didnt have a view finder. So mutliple times I lost a great picture because I couldnt get my eye to the camera fast enough. Practice makes perfect though I guess.

The next task? Figuring out how to download the pics to the computer. Not this afternoon though. For now I think Ill pop a chicken broccoli casserole in the oven and then finally go take that much needed nap (or at least lay down) while Punkin is still down for hers.


Dan said...

:) you're welcome...

Katie said...

Thank You! :) :)

Katy said...

nice! So did you already buy it, or are you still thinking about it? I have been thinking about this since you posted that question on FB. I 100% say try to swing it if you can. It was a huge investment for our family, but we are so very happy we made other sacrifices for it.

PS - turn your comment verifier off if you can figure it out :) I hear more people are willing to leave you a comment if you turn that off.

Katie said...

I didnt buy it yet. We have a friend that just upgraded to a more advanced Nikon and is selling her canon - so I have it on trial for a week to see if I like it :) Hesitant about buying a used camera - but its in great shape from what I can tell.
How do I figure out this comment verifier thing? I feel so lost on here!

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