Monday, March 7, 2011

Three Seasons, One Weekend

The weather this weekend, although rainy, was such a nice change of pace! After starting out with frigid temps at the end of the week we topped of in the mid 50's yesterday of course with rain, but I still welcomed it with open arms. Rain and warm weather means lots of melting going on which we desperately need. Today we have had the rain taper off to SNOW SHOWERS! Yes, snow - again, and horrific wind as the temps drop back down to 20 degrees for tonight. was nice while it lasted. And at least the sun is trying to make an appearance. It felt like we went from winter, to spring and now back to late fall all in 4 days. Good old New England!

And what would rain and melting snow be without a flooded basement? That was how we started out our Monday morning. We knew the basement was "damp" when we moved in but no one ever mentioned that during March/April of each year we would become the proud owners of an indoor swimming pool. Needless to say I have become great at maneuvering around a floor squeegee. Our major summer project this year - closing down our indoor pool. Honestly, its just too much work with a toddler around :)
Drainage, drainage and more drainage - that is what will consume our lives once the ground thaws.

So today, as our sump pump works over time and the cold temps come rolling back in, I sit here dreaming of green grass, summer flowers, blue skies and rolling white clouds. And playing with my camera still of course. Pictures have finally been downloaded (I even added a few to the recipes I posted, of which I PROMISE Ill post more recipes soon when I have more than 3 minutes to myself). Punkin Head is getting quite annoyed by the fact that my face has turned into a camera lens, but she at least will pose and say "cheeeeeeese" if I prod long enough which makes her the perfect subject for the majority of the pictures.

Oh well, my 15 minutes of "blog time" is over. Off to figure out dinner and get ready to head to work. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Before I go - here are a few pictures from our rainy weekend. I'm in awe that they came out considering it was dark in the house, we didn't have many lights on. My old camera would have laughed at me, then blurred the image until it was unable to be deciphered. Not this one - I'm thrilled with it!

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Katy said...

maddy is the cutest little thing. love her.

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