Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little tip for spring cleaning...

It has begun!

Very S L O W L Y I've been knocking things off my spring cleaning list, one by one. It feels good to start giving the house a deep clean, I just wish I had 2 to 3 solid days to really dive into it.

I'm hoping the book 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae will help me go those few extra steps and get the ENTIRE house clean without taking all summer to do it! Plus she is giving the book away, just through tonight though - so go check out her blog!

In the meantime I wanted to share the most relaxing thing on my cleaning list: my lavender scented mattress.
Instead of just changing your sheets and washing your mattress cover go that extra step...
Mix 1 box of baking soda with 5 - 10 drops of lavender oil (or any scent you enjoy), shake up well in a covered container. After vacuuming your box spring, and all the cracks and crevices of your bed sprinkle the powder on your mattress. Let it sit a couple of hours and vacuum up! The baking soda is a natural cleaner, and odor absorber and the lavender oil will lightly scent your mattress. And I'm pretty sure you'll sleep 10 times better because of it - it's that heavenly!

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