Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer through a toddlers eyes, and a few changes

Happy Thursday everyone! We are almost through another work week. Yet, as happy as I am to see the weekend get here quickly I'm also a little sad.

While I was driving home from work tonight I found myself thinking about how I wish I could make time slow down, just a teeny bit. This summer by far has been the best I have ever had thanks to my little family. There is NOTHING like watching a 2 year old explore all that summer has to offer. So I wanted to share a few pictures of my smiley little girl enjoying everything that the past 2 months has thrown at her! After the pictures be sure to scroll all the way down to read about some fun changes coming your way too.

Nothing better than a day at the beach!
Riding the Vroom Vroom with her Uncle
Stick ponies are so much fun
Such a big girl swimming in the pool by herself
Sunset races on the slides with Dada
Dancing whenever the mood strikes!
Summer. The way it should be.
As for the few changes heading your way...

I wanted to let you know that in the process of expanding PHDL I will be adding some things to the blog! Starting at the end of August I will be holding my first GIVEAWAY! Are you excited???? I am, I can hardly contain myself :) Ill give you more info on what it will be, how you can enter and when I will hold it as we get closer and I have the final details ironed out. Wahoo!!

Also, Tuesdays (starting this coming week) are going to become Two Year Old Tuesdays. This means that each and every Tuesday I will be blogging about living life with a two year old. The trials and tribulations, the good, the bad, the ugly and the utterly disturbing! I can't wait! My little Punkin helped to get me into the blog world, so its about time she had a day devoted to her.

I have a few other ideas as well but am trying to pace myself since summer is my busy season at work. Overwhelming myself wouldn't be a good thing - us gingers don't do well under stress. Just read my hubby's blog, Livin' With Gingers, he'll tell you...

"See" you all soon!

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Babymama said...

Stopping by from the J-Man hop.
Your little one is so adorable! And why is it the summer seems to go so quickly?

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