Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Berry, Berry Good

Blueberries. They make the Punkin's world go 'round. And that makes me smile.

She is one lucky girl to have a Great Aunt and Uncle that have an AMAZING yard with acres of blueberries ripe for the picking. 

She helped us pick a couple pounds of berries yesterday, most of which made it straight into her mouth. I can't blame her - juicy deliciousness. I just hope she left me enough to do some baking.

And that bucket hanging around her neck that Dada made? Im pretty sure it saw MAYBE 5 blueberries while we were there. Too much effort to put them in the bucket when she could by-pass it and just pop them in her mouth. 

Being able to show her all the little, down to earth things this world has to offer makes my heart overflow with happiness. These are the things I remember most from my childhood and I hope 25 years from now these are the things my Dooda Loo remembers too.

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