Monday, August 8, 2011

Punky Dubba's

Ok Jen. This ones for you!
Me and my Little Sis
Little bit of an inside joke, but, for those of you that know my sister this will make you laugh.

Ever since I started posting recipes on this little blog of mine she has laughed at me.

Not be mean or rude. Never to be mean or rude. She's not that type of person. Actually she's the total opposite. She has a way of taking something in life and finding SOMEWAY to poke fun at it, in the hopes to make someone smile. That's the type of person she is - the type that can't walk out of a room without knowing she has made someones day, put a smile on their face and genuinely made them laugh. She radiates sunshine. She has the kindest heart of anyone out there and leaves her mark on everyone.

So, when she pokes fun at the fact that I have a blog I know she's just using it as her canvas to show the world how to lighten up and laugh. Honestly, I kind of like knowing I'm her muse :)

Back to the story. Those of you that know her know she CANNOT cook. Or, made us *think* for the past 20 something years that she couldn't cook. Not having a knack for cooking meant one less chore she could be given when we were growing up.

Toast, mac and cheese, and ramen noodles. Her specialties. If it didn't come in a box or a bag it was impossible to make. I'm sure at some point in her life she has even burned water, probably while making ramen noodles. She is always calling trying to figure out how to use her slow cooker, or looking for a 3 ingredient recipe.

So, imagine the surprise on my face when I got a text last week, it was a picture of some kind of baked good with M&M's on it. I asked what it was and she immediately texted back "Rice Krispie treats made with Cheerio's and they're SOOO GOOD!". Then came the next text - "So take that Punky Dubba!". Thats what she lovingly calls my blog. Yup. Shes a funny one.

I figured I'd play in to her little bit of excitement and asked for the recipe, since they really did look yummy.

Then I told her it was on. Recipe wars. And she accepted my challenge.
Well, it took her almost a full week but it happened. She made something else from scratch, mini applesauce meatloafs. And they sound pretty darn good! I must admit, I'm totally impressed. Good job Lynskie!

So Im sharing the recipe with you guys, you can find it here....she did send me pictures but they are off her cell and not great. When I get around to trying the recipe for myself Ill post some pics.

I hope you all enjoy "Punky Dubba's" recipe.....I may just have to make this a once a week segment.

What do you think, Jen?

Oh, and I never did get the recipe for the Cheerio's bars!

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