Friday, September 30, 2011

Ghost Clip Tutorial

October 1st...that means Halloween is almost here!

So, how about a cute little tutorial?

Since I have a two year old, and I'm THAT Mom....
{you know, that Mom that puts all sort of funky things in their kids hair?}
I thought I'd share with you an easy Ribbon Ghost Clippie.

The kiddo wasn't available to model,
so my spooky black bird volunteered to do the job!

To make this cute little Girly Ghost you'll need:
Hot Glue Gun
5" piece of white grosgrain ribbon {I used 3/8 inch ribbon}
two 2" pieces of white grosgrain ribbon
1" piece of white grosgrain ribbon
1 piece of orange grosgrain, about an inch
1 piece of black grosgrain, about 1.5 inches.
Fray Check or a candle to heat seal the ribbon
Wiggly Eyes
Pin or Clip
**please note, lengths of ribbon are an estimate,
make it whatever size you'd like!

Using the 5" length of ribbon make a 90 degree fold
2 inches from the end.
Use a dab of glue inside the fold to hold in place.

Measure across about 1/2 an inch from the first fold
and make a second fold, glue in place.
Don't worry if your ends aren't the same length,
the measurements are an estimate and at the end we will trim them up.

Use the 1" piece of ribbon and glue it to both "legs" to form an A.
This helps stabilize the body of the ghost.
Glue on the 2" pieces in the center, attaching with glue at the top
AND to the stabilizing piece in the middle.

Trim the top of the ghost, and the bottom.
At this point you can also trim and "notch" the bottom of each piece.
Be sure to apply Fray Check, OR heat seal the ends of the ribbon over a candle.

To make the bow - take the black ribbon and
fold the two ends back and meet them in the middle.
Glue in place.

Lay the orange ribbon in the middle of the black to for a "t".
Glue in place.

Trim the ends of the orange and wrap them around back.
Glue in place.

Glue the bow to the head of the ghost.
I like to make mine a little crooked for character.

Now you have a or clippie?

I made mine a clip.
I wrapped the clip in ribbon for a more finished look.

Last but not least! Glue on the eyes, and attach to the clip!


The black bird did need a little sprucing up :)

Want to make the picture in the background with your kiddo?
Check it out here! It was lots of fun.

I shared this tutorial over at Truly Lovely this past week...
If you didnt get a chance to head over and meet the Laney sisters
I highly suggest you do!

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Lynn Reilly said...

Oh my gosh! The step by step pictures are AWESOME!! Thanks!!

Meg said...

Your Raven model is a hilariously appropriate choice!

Pidg said...

Sooo cute! I wish my girls were little again..even tho they would SO wear that little ghostie now :)

Patricia said...

Would love for you to share a tutorial on my blog. Let me know if you are interested.

I am visiting you via Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop. Please stop by and leave a comment. I am your new GFC follower. Follow me if you like.

Patricia aka Mamaw

Denise said...

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Vicky said...

I just tweeted this idea. So fun! Vicky from Mess For Less

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