Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We are just settling in at home after a hectic day. Three houses and three meals in 8 hours, with an almost two year old that had to do without a nap. HECTIC! Yet, it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

We packed up the car and off we went! Desserts, breakfast casseroles, colored eggs and jars of homemade strawberry syrup (Easter gifts to our parents/grandparents) made the trek with us to each house.

We started the day off at my in-laws house for brunch which was delicious as usual. Honestly, I would have been okay not eating anything else the rest of the day, I was STUFFED. The table was filled with everything from casseroles to ham, fruit to potatoes, and of course homemade donut holes! The donut holes are a tradition with my mother in-law and FABULOUS. Punkin and her cousins found out that the crafty Easter Bunny had also left baskets for them there as well! Of course, they dug right into the candy. "They" as in Punkin's cousins, Punkin herself went for purple grapes instead. Yup, thats right - GRAPES! Really Dooda??? All that delicious chocolate and you grab for the grapes? Thats okay, more for Mommy to eat.

From the in-laws house we went to my Mom's for dinner, where again we totally stuffed ourselves. Ham, homemade mac 'n cheese, scalloped potatoes, green beans, carrots, and my Nana's amazing corn fritters (to die for!). Dessert was something no one was able to handle - seconds and thirds of dinner stuffed everyone to the max. Punkin and K (my sisters daughter) got busy with an egg hunt outside - great to see the girls running around barefoot in their Easter dresses hunting for those eggs, adorable. Ultimately the hunt led them to yet ANOTHER basket the Easter Bunny had left for each of them. That silly bunny sure was busy this year! Punkin did indulge in a lollipop this time, but, left the rest for Mommy, such a good babe :)

For dessert we drove over to Memere and Pepere's house. For the second time today I had to balance my massive layer cake on my lap in the car - very stressful situation - that was one BIG cake! And I'm happy to inform you it made it there un-harmed. We brought the strawberry parfait layer cake, a cream cheese and strawberry pie and a gallon of laundry detergent - cant believe how many people have asked to try it! Dessert was delicious. Memere made a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie - seems strawberries were the theme this year.

We had JUST started dessert when Memere walked away and came back with two BABY BUNNIES! Happy Easter Punkin!! One was for her, the other for K. I *think* both will be living at our house once the bunny hutches are completed. Anyone want to come and visit 'Dufour's Petting Zoo'? They are just about 6 weeks old and incredibly cute. Dooda instantly fell in love and is going to have a blast watching them grow up and caring for them, and secretly the hubs and I will enjoy it too.  Once the bunny ordeal was over another Easter egg hunt took place - Punkin is getting really good at searching for eggs now, and is so into it.

From Mem and Peps home we came. So nice to get into jammies and relax before the inevitable food coma really takes hold. Hopefully you all had a wonderful, family filled day too! Off to sleep away the calories I took in today (thats as effective as the gym, right??).

Happy Easter!

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