Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fab Finds for $15 (or under!)

Every week I try to budget out how much we will spend on groceries, 
Ship out some un-earthly amount for bills, 
Set some moola aside for gas,
Stash some cash for hay and grain for our "farm yard" family, 
and so on.

Outside of being the family accountant
I also am the Queen of Cheap, to an extent.
My Sunday mornings are filled with coupons, 
newspapers, and every weekly sales flyer 
I can get my hands on.

I try my hardest to make my job as a part time SAHM
pay off for our family with my frugality.
Even if it means that I go without new jeans, 
that necklace I've been eyeing, 
or even something as little as my favorite mascara.

Then, there are days like today.
I woke up KNOWING I would 
be buying something for myself.
The little devil on my shoulder made it
perfectly clear to the angel that this was HIS day.
After my conscience conceded, 
and the angel was no where to be seen we hit the stores.

I had a little bit of cash leftover from grocery shopping this week, 
thanks to some amazing coupon savings.
$45 to be exact.
So, instead of just purchasing something on a whim
I decided to challenge myself.
$45 total. 3 Stores. $15 cash per store.
And I could only shop sales or clearance racks.

At first I thought this was impossible
and I'd never be able to do it.
But, I'm not one to turn down a challenge.

So I scoured my coupon binder to see what I could find.
The remainder of a gift card for Marshall's ($5)
A 40% off coupon for Michael's
And another 15% off entire purchase for Michael's
And with my Perks card I knew I'd find something cheap at Office Max.

Better than nothing!

So what Fab Finds did I come up with????

Two 11x14 frames, which were on sale for 50% off

Tacky Glue, Spray Paint, Hemp Twine, Star Punch, Card Stock
All were on sale for 20-50% off.
Except the paint, I used the 40% off coupon on that.

These cute, navy leather flats, on clearance with an additional 20% off

A new fall diaper bag, on clearance and marked down 60%

Not pictured are 5 Sharpie Markers from Office Max.

Not Bad! If I do say so myself :)
The best part? I came home with $1 to spare.

The devil on my shoulder didn't QUITE break the bank this time...
But my craving to shop has been quenched.
For now anyways!

When you give yourself a certain amount to shop with do you tend to stick to it?
Or, do you give into temptation and go above and beyond?


Andi said...

Katie you're awesome! Yes, I'm the same way except I hate shopping. I know what I want, how much I will pay and I get in and get out. Two exceptions- 1. Michael's, I just love to walk around and smell new ideas and 2. A fabric store because I love to touch them all. Other than that I'm a woman on a mission!

Katie said...

Haha, I dunno about awesome - but thanks!
Im a sucker for Michaels and fabric stores too!! BIG TIME! Honestly I would have spent all that money at JoAnn's or Michael's today, but those shoes were screaming for me to buy them ;)

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

So impressed!! Way to go!

I always take cash with me to enforce my set budgets. I will have no way to spend more. Haha. Is it sad that I have to trick myself (or should I say my little shoulder devil)? lol

Welp, its whatever works I guess.


Tessa said...

Great job! What a fun way to spend the day...I often get frustrated with shopping, but setting a limit and trying to challenge yourself sounds like fun ;)

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